Treasures of Love ART is inspired by the entire journey of motherhood. We are

a women founded and run business creating handmade pieces that are not only

beautiful but also durable. All pieces are mindfully made and with a focus of

quality over quantity, pieces are made in small batches to reduce waste. All

pieces are created out of Sonia Rajput home studio in Toronto, Ontario.


Treasures of Love ART business is where I make many unique designs of bracelets all carefully handmade with love and talent. I offer many different colors of gemstones, pearls, spacers, charms and letters to personalize your name or word you like to have on any color of bracelet's.


Sonia Rajput a mother of two wonderful, amazing kids, she understands the importance of making memorable bracelet's that will bring HAPPINESS and JOY into someone's life, especially moms and their kids who just love to have fun with each other and have a special bond together, but also love to be very fashionable on wearing colorful, exciting handmade bracelets. 


We value top quality handmade bracelets and ensure you and your family will love and enjoy receiving our one-of-a-kind unique colorful bracelet's each have a wonderful meaning to them. 

 Thank you for choosing to shop with Treasures of Love ART! Join us and become a TREASURES fan when you SHOP with us :) ♥♥♥


What I Love about Making Bracelets?

My bracelets are inspired by the people and the world around us. Beautiful,

high-quality bracelet's that are handmade especially for you and your loved

ones. Discover my story and meet the person that makes her brand what it is.

All my bracelets are using the finest gemstones, charms, beads and pearls and

the best craftsmanship you can ever imagine possible. Each bracelet is

packaged and delivered with care. Check out our website for any questions

regarding shipping, processing, and more. Enjoy looking around my website and

I hope you find what you're looking for :) ♥♥♥