Welcome everyone to my website, I love to make many different handmade bracelet's or bangle's for all beautiful women and there sweet little girls. I can also Personalize or customize any special bracelet or bangle you would like to have with your name on it, favourite words or charms, please just DM me on Instagram. Also if your a mama boy like me and would love to have a bracelet for your baby boy or toddler just DM me as well. All my bracelet's have a special meaning to them like love, passion, protection, strength, thoughtfulness, and to love others as you should love yourself. I put a lot of dedication, love and attention to what I do, making these bracelets is a special way of showing my love of crating unique crystal bracelets that bring everyone JOY and Happiness from my family to yours. So come and SHOP around, LOOK around and find something special for yourself, a friend or a family member. Perfect gift for any occasion. 15% OFF on all first orders TODAY ! ! !

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